"Teis Albers is an artist from the Netherlands. He brings elements from nature and pop art together with his own signature style. The viewer continues to discover new things in his intricate arrangements, with hidden details in each composition."

From the subconscious he plays with these different elements and lets the compositions arise layer by layer. This is followed by the physical processing, which is built up with various materials.

Floral Decay

Experimental new floral mixed-media artworks. Working with flowing lines of the flower stalks and paper thin quality of the leaves. Watercolor and baroque colortones with vignettes. Paint with textures on canvas.
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Collage works with a mix of illustration, photography and various compilation techniques. Implementing elements from nature, pop art and street art and layers of paint on the canvas.
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For my Bouquet series, I photograph my own flowers, some are almost gone. I photograph them all separately and later I combine them to create my own bouquet on my digital canvas, where I have full control over size, composition and color.
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“ His main inspiration comes from music album covers and movie posters. It's the strong combination of photography and graphic design that makes a work appealing and you make decisions based on the artwork. Am I going to listen to this record, read this book or watch that movie. He's intrigued with that effect and tries to use it as an inspiration to get better at his craft.”

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Teis Albers

He studied at the graphic school in Eindhoven and started working as a freelancer after graduating. After several years of working and living in the city of 's-Hertogenbosch, he moved to a more remote village. This contrast between city and village forms the basis for his contemporary art, cracked walls with layers of torn posters right next to nature and a wide view.

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If you have any questions or ideas for a commissioned art piece, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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The physical process of adding the textures and layers of paint make each work unique. I work with an edition of 10 of each work, no matter the size.


Grachtengalerie, Utrecht / Galerie DNK, Dorst / Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam / Gallery Sille, Oudewater / Biennale Brabant, Tilburg / Art Festival Heusden / ETC Design Center, Culemborg / SBK Breda / Art Awards, kunst.nl / Biënnale Brabant, Koepelhal Tilburg / Van Loon, Mariakerk, Vught / Art Laren / Flower Art Museum, Aalsmeer / New Art Podium, Heerlen / Art Breda / Biënnale, Veghel / New Dutch Photography Talent, Amsterdam / Grote kunstkalender, Rotterdam / Royals and Rebels, Vught / First Art Fair, Amsterdam / Holland Art Gallery, Eindhoven / She Art, Nuenen / Shell Technology Centre, Amsterdam / Kunst.nl, Raamsdonkveer / Castle Tongelaar, Mill / Gallery Sille, Oudewater / The Arts, ‘s-Hertogenbosch / Arte Sofitta, Veghel / Pleyade, Arnhem / Excellent fair, Eindhoven / Shell Technology Centre, Amsterdam / Hotel van Balveren, Echteld / Galerie Rembrandt, Eindhoven / Affordable Art Fair, Maastricht / Mode Expo – Heusden / Secret Artwork, Breda / Maison Objet, Paris / SAP, ‘s-Hertogenbosch / Het Bonte Schaep, Zaltbommel / De Gruyterfabriek, ‘s- Hertogenbosch / Urban Art House Gallery, Amsterdam / Crossover art, Amsterdam / Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam / Theater De Leest, Waalwijk / Café Cordes, ‘s-Hertogenbosch / W2, ‘s-Hertogenbosch